About Us


Founder’s Statement

"I never thought an average person like me could make a difference until it hurt too much not to." 

After witnessing the pain and atrocities committed on children around the world and even right here in our own back yards, in every city, and state in America we had to do something. People are supposed to care about each other. Slavery is supposed to be illegal. A child should NOT be called a prostitute, but a rape victim; and a person who pays a child prostitute should not be called a "John" but a rapist and child molester. The more local Orange County child victims I met I knew I had to do something! It hurt too much for me to sit back and do nothing.   

Yes, most children are “at-risk” and yes, the problem of human trafficking is astronomical.  ​But, If we are able to  Rescue One…  ​All our effort is worth it! 

You could be the reason one more child is saved.   

Please help us Rescue One!